I make artworks that explore how we relate to the landscapes that we inhabit, the 'ground' that is the backdrop for our daily lives. Engaging with geology, botany, lichenology, but primarily, people, my works are developed from spending time with people in their local environments. The final works are presented as performance, story telling, audio-visual installations and long-form films. My most recent project, The Yellowing / Undermine, explores women's activism and the politics of the subsurface, focusing on a community of women protesting against fracking at Preston New Road, Blackpool. Earlier projects include explorations of the instability of daily life on the permafrost of Arctic Canada; of the subterranean knowledge of the freeminers of the Forest of Dean; the effect of living alongside the oldest trees in the world upon the longevity of human life, and a doctoral thesis narrated through a lichen-covered stick.

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