Noise (2006) 45 channel video installation displayed on 19 monitors, installation view at The Invention of Solitude, The Nunnery, London with Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Alex Hudson and Rob Smith. Curated Charles Danby.

Noise explores the teeming microcosmic goings-on of insect life underfoot. 45 pieces of video footage, each a single locked-off shot, are played semi-randomly on a bank of 19 televisions. The shots are between 1 and 40 minutes long, and in each, individual dramas of ant hoards, water boatmen, or lone struggling caterpillars play across an expectant stage: long stretches of inactivity frame narratives that arrive and are gone sometimes within a few seconds. Usually constituting only background noise or interference in the larger scheme of human endeavours, Birch isolates this fleeting Lulliputian activity. She enables us to watch its unfolding, but, given the number of screens playing simultaneously, also dramatizes that which will inevitably escape our gaze.

Text by Ed Krcma, published in 'The Invention of Solitude' Aston and Horrocks 2007