Field Broadcast:

Field Broadcast is a live broadcast project connecting artists, audiences and obscure locations through the portal of the computer desktop. Field Broadcast has developed through the practice of, and is run by, artists Rebecca Birch and Rob Smith.

Field Broadcast works with live digital broadcast as a medium, commissioning artists to make work specifically for this platform. Broadcasts are made from specific locations, in interaction with the surroundings, which becomes an actor within the work. We send broadcasts directly to our audiences' computer desktops (outside of a web browser) through our Field Broadcast software. This method of transmission means that broadcasts arrive unannounced onto the viewer's desktop. Each individual experience of the broadcast is unique, a montage of the Field Broadcast window with the personal clutter of a computer desktop: emails, chat windows, web browsers, wallpaper.

Field Broadcast was established in 2010 and to date has produced five major projects, collaborating with organisations including Wysing Arts Centre, Bournmouth University, NearNow at The Broadway, Nottinghan, Distance Festival and Camden Arts Centre.

Collaborating and broadcasting artists so far are: Bram Thomas Arnold, Ed Atkins, Dave Ball, Christopher Bassford and Jonathan Ryall, Rebecca Beinart, Richard Bevan, Sara Bjarland, Sarah Bowker-Jones, Martin John Callanan, Annabelle Craven-Jones, Susan Collins, Dan Coopey, Alexander Costello, Patrick Coyle, David Cotterrell, Michael Cousin, Juan Cruz, Sean Edwards, Simon Faithfull, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Florencia Guillen, Hamilton, Southern and St Armand, Toby Huddlestone and Sarah Jane Parton, Candice Jacobs, Fritha Jenkins, David Kefford, Adrian Lee, Olivier Leger, Pernille Leggat Ramfelt, Neil Luck, Sean Maltby, Revati Mann, Elizabeth McTernan, Sam Mercer, Nomadi, Alex Pearl, Samuel Rodgers, Eric Rosoman, Steve Rowell (Office of Experiments), Jennie Savage, Erica Scourti, Rob Smith, NaoKo TakeHashi, Matthew Tickle, Sarah Tripp, Oliver Walker, Dan Walwin, Ian Whittlesea,

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