Addresses to a lichen-covered stick
A programme of short talks and performances in relation to the lichen covered stick. The evening included a new talking and drawing performance, a reading by Francesco Pedraglio, a talk from media theorist Jussi Parikka, a performance from Erica Scourti, a categorical description from Karen Di Franco and a playlist by Bram Thomas Arnold.

Hosted by ArtReview, with cocktails, Aboslut Lichen and Absolut Birch (Red Car), devised by Absolut.



How the stick came into being
A talking and drawing performance recounting various encounters that included lichen, the performance finished with a small light show and a song


Karen Di Franco: A categorical description- a talk written for the evening
Erica Scourti: Inner Planets- a performance created for the evening
Francesco Pedraglio: A reading of a writing for the evening